Aubrey on Wattpad!

I am proud to announce that Aubrey: Remnants of Transformation is now a member of Peaks Island Press's fantasy line*. I will be posting chapters of Aubrey on Wattpad starting Monday, April 21, 2014. Since Aubrey has been a nearly 10-year project, with each chapter, I will be posting to Votaries my thoughts on writing and revising--for anyone who wants to experience (or commiserate with) the pain of that process! 
Budding debutante Aubrey St. Clair was merrily making her way up the social ladder of high society. And then somebody went and turned her into a cat. She is rescued by a “slum magician,” except he would happily vivisect her in order to reveal her secrets. To stay alive, Aubrey will have to figure out how to stay human. Or perhaps becoming fully human is the last thing she really wants.
Thanks to Eugene for editing feedback on the final revisions and for preparing the manuscript for distribution on Amazon and Smashwords! Thanks also to feedback regarding the blog-version from Kathryn York and Joyce Woodbury.

The impressively dramatic cover was designed by Eugene based on a delightful photo by Kezia Moore. Thanks, Kezia!

*The Peaks Island Press fantasy line covers contemporary fantasy, time travel, human-animal transformation, and vampires.