Latest Publication: "Cold Passion"

My short story "Cold Passion" was just published in Tales of the Unanticipated, #31. This is my second story with TOTU (the first was in Issue #29).

File:Walhalla (1896) by Max Brückner.jpg
The story references Niflheim from
Norse Mythology; hence this picture
of Valhalla by Max Brückner.

"Cold Passion" is a sci-fi "What if?" tale. I love writing these, no matter how improbable. This particular tale happens to be one of my few sci-fi tales that also uses real science!--specifically neuroscience.
Lillian grows up trapped in a society where emotional extravagance represents good citizenship. She hopes to find refuge in a non-emoting exile and uses the vulnerable memory-emotion link of a fellow student to retrieve classified information. His memories reassert themselves as Lillian prepares to take the final step.
"Cold Passion" is also a satire. I wrote it shortly after I first started teaching and became the recipient of dozens of students' sob stories.