Richard's Story: Addendum to Part Five

Part Five now includes this addendum.

Like New Government House, Police Headquarters was part of Vale District. It was tucked into Cleveland Square, a neighborhood of quiet side-streets on one side, a single long thoroughfare to the main highway on the other.

Richard knew from previous visits that police shifts changed at 7 a.m., 3 p.m. and midnight. The tall building was currently a quiet haven of soft light on tan stone. Richard took the front steps two at a time. Halting in the foyer, he heard muttering voices in the large office on the right and crossed to the door-less arch. Bernard Perry, Mr. Stowe’s second in command, was recording information on a large chart assisted by Mr. Stowe’s factotum, Colin Maillan.

Col said, “Those gentlemen were moved to the courthouse yesterday. And Wally was released again.”

Perry grunted. “Charles needs to explain proven intent to the magistrates.”

“Is Mr. Stowe here?” Richard said, entering the office and setting down his hat.

“Ah, Mr. St. Clair, good morning. Is Charles about, Mac?”

“He and the Mrs. are down at the jail. He wanted her to, ah . . .” Mac shuffled his papers.

Richard sighed. How did one say, Please stop using my sister to terrify criminals?

“Persuasion only,” Perry said as if Richard had asked. “While you’re here, St. Clair, we have some concerns about ministerial debacles, like, Why won’t they fund Mikelson’s fingerprint collection?”

“I evaluate buildings, Perry. I have nothing to do with the police side of things.”

Perry grumbled—this was an old argument. Perry thought that his boss being married to the sister of a minor government functionary should give the police some political cache. Luckily, Charles and Aubrey didn’t agree.

Richard sat on the low couch in front of the office’s uncurtained windows and tried not to contemplate his sister’s marriage or any marriage like hers: a marriage where the wife and husband worked together.

Reality is what we face, not what we desire.

Richard truly believed that. He wondered if Phillipa did too.